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Leumi Partners Research - Unparalleled Research Capabilities

Leumi Partners Research (previously National Consultants), founded in the 1980s, has become a leading authority in financial analysis. For over three decades, Leumi Partners Research has leveraged industry expertise and comprehensive research sources, enabling clients to make savvy investment decisions. Financial consultancy is delivered to the highest standard by professionals who work transparently and without bias.


Tailored research projects match client capabilities and long-term goals with market opportunities. The seasoned analysts at Leumi Partners Research are highly experienced in research methodologies, combining in-depth market insights, at the sector and organizational level, with quantitative analysis.

The team enjoys a significantly low turnover, which results in enhanced synergy, cooperation and the fluid exchange of knowledge.


Key research services include:

  • Equity valuations based on 360 degree market analysis
  • Analysis of infrastructure projects and business plans
  • Development of evaluation models and complex information products, summarizing required data for clients, including Leumi Group Index and the Leumi Stock Model and the banks credit, advisory and trading business areas



Our advantages

  • Commitment to excellence - The veteran analysts at Leumi Partners Research are highly qualified in global research methodologies, bringing to bear a keen understanding of market fluctuations. The team is comprised of CPAs and MBAs with multidisciplinary training in economics, accounting, engineering and computer science.
  • Unrivaled database - Decades of market activity has allowed Leumi Partners Research to accumulate a first-class knowledge-base, which provides an intimate acquaintance with the entire financial market and its various sectors