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Mergers & Acquisitions

Leumi Partners  M&A - Leveraging Leumi Group's Leadership in the Israeli Market


Leumi Partners M&A works closely with our clients to ensure our services are tailored to reflect every business's unique needs, corporate vision and long-term ambitions. The team helps clients define and evaluate their goals, refining parameters to most effectively screen and identify suitable partners. These criteria are then translated into a focused and effective negotiation strategy.

The M&A team leverages extensive experience with ventures in Israel and abroad, across a wide range of sectors, including communications, industry, commerce, consumer goods, financial services, energy, and new technologies.


Leumi Partners M&A services include:

  • Defining the profile of a suitable partner for merger or acquisition
  • Identifying and screening potential partners
  • Establishing a focused and effective negotiation strategy
  • Managing contracts and assisting in negotiation gap-bridging and crisis-resolution
  • Defining the structure of the deal
  • Assisting in obtaining funding for the deal
  • Identifying service providers required for the deal, as needed


Leumi Partners are actively involved in every aspect of the transaction process, appreciating that for most clients a merger or acquisition represents a defining moment in their business. The M&A team are poised to achieve our clients' goals: Increasing market presence, rapidly achieving growth targets, expanding services and product portfolios, entering new markets (product, technology or geographic), expanding financial leverage, reducing costs or identifying inefficient companies to be purchased at an attractive price-point.

Fully synchronized with broader Leumi Partners activity, the M&A team is able to draw upon corporate-wide efforts in raising capital and the distribution of securities, essential to realizing client objectives.



Our advantages:

  • Knowledge and experience - Leumi Partners has substantial experience in working with large companies and international organizations. Taking an in-depth approach, Leumi Partners has accompanied M&A deals in various fields, including chemistry and Pharma, infrastructure, services, industry and holdings. Affording the M&A division a considerable advantage, the Leumi Partner's breadth of resources encompasses analytical backing by Leumi Partners Research and the established presence of the Leumi Partners Underwriters.
  • Connections in Israel and abroad - Leumi Partners has an extensive network of connections with leading organizations, both large and small, in Israel and abroad. This international network provides a crucial insight into all market segments and assists in obtaining information for negotiation, as well as identifying potential M&A partners. Leumi Partners nurtures close ties with world leading investment houses, ensuring our clients benefit from best-of-class services.
  • Strong Backbone - The M&A division enjoys the strong backing of the Leumi Group and profits from the extensive global network of affiliated financial companies and organizations.
  • Resourcefulness and initiative - At Leumi Partners, we encourage collaborative and dynamic working processes in order to create financial solutions which best serve our clients' current and future needs. Whether initiating joint ventures with foreign companies, creating expansion opportunities, raising capital, or creating strategic collaboration with global financial market leaders, our innovative approach consistently results in repeated success.