UNRIVALLED INVESTMENT SERVICES Israel’s Premier Merchant and Investment Banking Platform

Our Methodology

Over the decades, Leumi Partners has spearheaded some of the largest, most complex transactions in Israel with great success.

Future-proof investment strategy

Our corporate culture is fed on a continuous flow of knowledge shared across distinct specialist teams. By bringing together and examining all investment touchpoints, we design a cohesive growth-oriented investment strategy geared to sustain the future. 

Global investment banking platform

Established in 1973, Leumi Partners has grown to become Israel’s premier merchant and investment bank solely responsible for managing the largest portfolio in Israeli banking sector. We have the privilege to act small and independent while leveraging the capital and prominence of our parent company Leumi Group – among the two largest banking groups in Israel with more than 13,000 employees and over 300 branches spead across 12 countries.

Expanding global reach

Leumi Partners is continually broadening its reach by joining forces with leading financial institutions worldwide. In 2015, we have entered into an exclusive collaboration agreement with Stifel Investment Bank, among the leading mid-market investment banks in North America. In 2012, we inked a strategic alliance with Intesa SanPaolo/Banca IMI, one of Italy’s largest financial institutions with substantial presence in Brazil and Latin America. We continue to explore synergistic partnership opportunities in Asia-Pacific, among other regions.

Specialized lines of business

As part of our unique multidisciplinary approach to investing, Leumi Partners employs accomplished expert teams in a variety of specialization fields. We continue to develop new areas of expetise in accordance to market needs and trends. Our professional teams currently specialize in the following lines of business:

  • Direct Strategic Investments
  • Underwriting & Advisory
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Real Estate Specialty Financing
  • Technology Investment Banking
  • Equity & Debt Research

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Our Business

Bank Leumi owned 2% of Mobileye before the IPO. As part of the IPO and exercise of options granted to the underwriters, the bank sold 1% of the company’s shares for $48 million, leaving it with a 1% stake. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque et eros nisl. Nullam ut eros at nunc imperdiet porttitor vel vitae nibh. Vestibulum pellentesque aliquet tellus nec molestie. Vivamus feugiat mattis nisl eu congue.

Bank Leumi owned 2% of Mobileye before the IPO. As part of the IPO and exercise of options granted to the underwriters, the bank sold 1% of the company’s shares

  • For $48 million, leaving it with a 1% stake.
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