Corporate Social Responsibility Leumi Partners, a unique financial organization, committed to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility
For Leumi Partners, social responsibility is an essential element of modern management methodologies and business success. As such, environmental and social considerations, both local and regional, have an impact on every decision made. Corporate responsibility permeates all economic behavior. Business activity respects ecological constraints, designed to meet the needs of the present generation, without compromising the ability of future generations to achieve a viable economic potential.

Leumi Partners Code of Ethics

As part of the Leumi Partners’ agenda, all activities operate according to a strict code of conduct. This sets the standard for both informal and formal behavior within the corporation, and provides a practical framework to facilitate principled economic processes within the organization.

Involvement in Initiatives and Ratings

As part of Leumi group, Leumi Partners have adopted leading standards in the area of sustainability and corporate
social responsibility and are rated by several rating entities in Israel and abroad:

Leumi Partners invests extensive resources in numerous social associations:

Leumi Partners is invested in promoting children and youth education, and in supporting the elderly, the community,
as well as social, health and cultural issues

Aharai- Youth Leading Change

Leumi has supported the “Youth Leading Change-Aharai” Association since 2002. The “Youth Leading Change” Association is a registered nonprofit organization, initially established in 1997 with a goal of nurturing young leaders, in order to encourage social involvement amongst youth. Youth participants hail from developing towns, absorption centers and boarding schools, and are at a pivotal crossroad in life, at which point their futures can be directly affected by education. Students and youths are eligible for participating in the “Aharai” program from the age of 14 until 25, when they begin integrating into the State of Israel as fully contributing members of society