Mr. Omer Ziv serves as Head of the Capital Markets Division of the Leumi Group, Deputy CEO, as well as the Chairperson of Leumi Partners Ltd. Prior to this position, Mr.Omer Ziv served as Head of Financial Division of the Leumi Group. Mr. Omer Ziv has rich experience in the capital market. Before joining Leumi … Continued


Dr. Ortal Joined Leumi Partners in 2019 with over 20 years of experience in the private equity industry in various roles. Prior to joining Leumi Partners Dr. Ortal served as a Senior Partner at Sky fund and as a chairman and board member of Sky’s portfolio companies. Before joining Sky, Dr. Ortal served as the … Continued


Ms. Rabinovich joined the Legal Department of Leumi Partners in 1992 and acts as its General Counsel since 1995. Ms. Rabinovich is responsible for all legal and regulatory aspects of Leumi Partners’ and its subsidiaries’ activity. Ms. Rabinovich holds an LL.B. from the Tel-Aviv University and an LL.M. from Harvard University, and is a member … Continued


Ms. Katz joined Leumi Partners in 2012 and is responsible for finance and accounting at Leumi Partners and its subsidiaries as well as financial advisory supporting the company’s activities. Prior to joining Leumi Partners Ms. Katz was an audit manager at KPMG. Ms. Katz is a registered CPA since 2000 and holds a BA in … Continued


Mr. Zehira joined Leumi Partners in 2015. Prior to that, Mr. Zehira was Managing Director at Absolute Value, an Israeli-based boutique investment banking firm that he C0-Founded in 2009, providing advisory and investment analysis services to corporations, institutional investors and HNW individuals. Prior to that Mr. Zehira ascended to become head of research at IBI … Continued


Mr. Zeitak has been with the Leumi group since 1995 and has joined Leumi Partners in 2017 to lead its Real Estate and Mezzanine financing business. Prior to joining Leumi Partners, Mr. Zeitak lead a lending team with Bank Leumi’s real estate Division. Before that, he held several managerial positions with Bank Leumi (Israel) and … Continued


Mr. Bar-David joined Leumi Partners in 2020 to lead its underwriting practice as CEO of Leumi Partners Underwriters. Mr. Bar-David has more than 23 years of experience in the Israeli capital market. In the years 2001-2008 Mr Bar-David worked at Poalim IBI Underwriting, as head of sales in 2001-2005 and as CEO in 2005-2008. Before … Continued


Mr. Winkler joined Leumi Partners Underwriters in 2018 as a Managing Director, responsible for public and private offerings in debt and equity for local and foreign companies. Prior to joining Leumi Partners Underwriters, Mr. Winkler served as underwriting VP at Excellence Nessua Investment House. Prior to that, Mr. Winkler was a financial consultant at BDO … Continued


Mr. Dekter joined Leumi Partners in 2012. In 2019 Mr. Dekter was appointed Head of Mergers & Acquisitions department. Mr. Dekter is a seasoned M&A professional with extensive domestic and international investment experience. Prior to Leumi Partners, Mr. Dekter filled several M&A positions at Poalim Capital Markets, one of Israel’s major investments banks, where he … Continued


Mr. Georgi has been a Senior Analyst at Leumi Partners Research since 1992 and has accumulated vast experience in company valuations, financial analysis, feasibility studies and project finance. Prior to joining Leumi Partners Mr. Georgi was a partner at an accounting firm, finance manager of the AG-Tech fund and head of the audit department at … Continued